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"Well…… when I finally got to open that box I was blown away. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life.

Baby Suze is so beautifully made and I have to keep reminding myself she is a doll and not a real baby, even found myself covering her when it turned a little chilly here!! My family are also totally blown away. Thank you for all the lovely little clothes that you sent with her.

I can’t wait to show her to my mother who is 84. She is not going to believe her eyes. I know that she will get busy knitting bootees and matinee jackets etc.

I just want to say thank you so much. You truly have a great gift.

I am totally in love with baby Suze and can’t put her down. Thank you again for everything, also your professional service."



"Ons het in Desember vir Baba Cassie gekoop. Was dit nou ‘n goeie kopie. Die reaksie wat ons in die winkels kry is en bly oorweldigend. Die mense baklei omdat so klein dogtertjie met so klein babetjie alleen gelaat word. Dit kos nogal baie verduideliking om te bewys dit is ‘n pop. Alles en alles. Die baba was die geld werd en nog meer. Baie dankie vir die genot wat jy oordra met jou wonderlike gawe."



"Baie's ongelooflik pragtig!! Ek het nou eers al 350 foto's
gekyk, haar kleertjies uitgepak, "care instructions" deurgelees en kan nie ophou kyk na haar "lewendige" oë nie! Jy weet nie hoe bly ek is dat ek besluit het om haar aan te neem is baie ouliker en mooier (in werklikheid) as wat enige foto  ooit kan beskryf??
Baie, baie dankie dat jy jou talent met ons op so 'n wonderlike manier deel! Groete van 'n 120% gelukkige Mamma"


"Our little baby Kandy arrived at 1pm save home.  I am so proud to have known you, not only you are  the best reborn artist . But also a good  friend, you have light op my live again,  showing that you cared, you  understand what people missing in there lives the most. True love....this is what you expressed in reborn our little Kandy ... She is so special and real...... and looks alive! Her little hands and nails are so perfect. Her hair is rooted of the most perfection I have never seen before! Her eyes are so real and warm She is so loving,...  holding her. Her outfits are beautiful.... and her skin looks like a real baby, everything is detailed so natural, just as a newborn baby.  I  see your work is done with love and perfection. People have already notes that in your presentation of works. .... ! you are a unique artist and have a special gift of God .... Keep on making people happy with true love in  your works...  
P.S I am starting to save for my next adoption with you Desire!!!!!!!!!this time for a sleeping little brother for Kandy. Wishing you all the best !  XXXXXXXX  Thanks again!"



"Oh Desiré, Sophie is just the cutest little thing! She is such a beautiful baby! The detail on this little one is amazing. I love her to bits! The little spit bubbles under her tongue make her look so cute! She has such a friendly little face, and she smells so good! ... she has the most gorgeous eyes.  We are simply over the moon over this little one. She is even cuter than what I expected her to be! This little angel has made my day a million times over!  Desiré, I cannot thank you enough for this little one! I am so happy to be Sophie’s new mommy! I will love her forever!"



"Sy is so pragtig en kan nie genoeg kry van al die detail wat jy op haar gesit het nie. Almal moes deel in my opgewondenheid en in jou fantastiese kunswerk. Sy is my 2de baba wat ek by jou aangekoop het en beide is van hoogstaande gehalte. Jy kan maar vir jouself ’n kloppie op die skouer gee, hoor. Fantasties. Nogmaals duisende dankies!!"



"Unbelievable!! I still don't believe it ... She is the most perfect baby doll I have EVER seen! I have never owned anything as beautiful as Kimi! I shall treasure her forever. Desiré, I cannot stop looking and admiring her - you have overwhelmed me totally! Words cannot express my gratitude...thank you so much!!!"


"Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, is the best way to describe him!  I really love this little guy! He has the most amazing head of blonde hair, definitely a first in my collection.  Desiré, I love Logan to bits and everything about him, thank you for reborning such a beautiful baby boy! Your reborning skills are absolutely superb!"

"THANK YOU for my beautiful Kelly...she is GORGEOUS!!!!  Your workmanship is TRULY AMAZING and I look forward to getting more babies from you!  Thank you for the care with which you pay attention to even the finest little detail.  You are such an artist in the true sense of the word!"



"I have received baby Tayla.  She is so unique and really gorgeous. 

My daughter just loves her to bits.  Now she wants one too for her birthday ... The people here at work, just stands in awe and shakes their heads.  They just cant believe the details and the way she was Reborn.  I love her to bits.  You are truly gifted.  never stop!!!! I would love to get my daughter a baby tooThank u so much once again. Tayla is really amazing and so gorgeous. She fits in perfectly in our home."



"Baby Stacey has arrived home safe and sound, and we absolutely love her!  She looks just like a real newborn baby that is sleeping peacefully like a little angel. She is going to look so cute in the cot that I have for my reborn babies. A lot of people are going to think that she is a real baby, LOL! She has a gorgeous head of hair.  I love that Light Golden Brown colour. She truly is a beautiful baby, and I am so blessed to have been able to adopt her.  Desiré, thank you so much for this little angel!"



"I have no words to describe her as yet rather than to say "WOW" . I am really lost for words to describe how beautiful she really is. As soon as I have calmed down a bit and stopped cuddling her I will mail you again.   May GOD BLESS YOU in your work and make the future bright for many New Mommies. Thank You so much."



"Wow, Kayleigh has just the most prettiest and most gorgeous face I have ever seen on a reborn baby!  She absolutely looks like an angel!  Her clothes and her toy and everything about her are beautiful and just perfect.  Desiré, I am really amazed at how gorgeous she came out. You did an amazing  job on this baby. I am just over the moon over her!  I cannot wait to show her off.  I am going to treasure her forever just like all my other reborn babies that you have made for me!  Thank you so very much, Desiré!"



"Stephenie is even more cuter in real than in her pictures.  She is just the cutest tiniest little thing.  We love her to bits!  She really looks like a newborn. Desiré, I love the clothes you chose for her and her little mouse toy.  It suits her perfectly.  Stephenie has the most gorgeous shaped little head!  I am so proud to be one of the lucky ones to own this little cute limited edition sold out sculpt.  I cannot wait to show her to her namesake, my daughter Stephenie.  Thank you so much Desiré for reborning this little cutie for me!"



"When I took her out of her box, I was blown away by how gorgeous she is.  She is everything I expected her to be and more!  To me she looks like a little princess!  She has the most gorgeous hands and feet, so lifelike!  I love her big blue eyes that seem to stare up at us!  She is going to be a cute little sister to Conner.  Desiré, well done on reborning this beautiful little girl!  We are overjoyed by our little Bianca! Thank you so much!"


"THANK YOU so very much for my precious, little Katelyn...YOU ARE SUCH A STAR!!!!  Katelyn is such a little CUTIE and you have made her "come to life" for me!  I feel privileged to know you and REALLY appreciate the way in which you always kept me updated regarding her progress.  Your attention to the tiniest little detail is truly amazing.  I can't stop admiring the new little addition to our family! LOL!!  She looks and feels so real.  It has once again been such a wonderful experience doing business with you.  Words can't express my thanks enough.  I'm so looking forward to my next little girl from you!"



"I could not be prouder to have this little baby girl. I received her on Thursday morning and I and both the two girls thats working for me were in tears she's amazing. After being updated by Desire so many times in the reborning process I expected her to be cute but she is a BABY in the real real way a little baby girl should be.  Thanks for making our hearts so happy, It's so nice to see her photos on your site and know that she is MINE."


"Thank you for my precious baby girl “Star” I was so excited when I received her. You never cease to amaze me with your incredible talent for reborning. Such perfection and attention to detail.
I just love my baby. A special thank you for her stunning outfits & accessories. You made this baby very special for me. I really appreciate it all so much. Desire you are TOPS, and you are a VERY TALENTED REBORNER."



"I've just opened the box...and all I can say is WOW!!!  Little Bella is GORGEOUS!!!!  Thank you so very much.  She more than meets our expectations.  You really are so talented!  It is such a pleasure doing business with you...thank you for always getting back to me so quickly with answers to my many questions!

 I'm looking forward to adopting more of your little babies in the future!  LOL.  Your attention to detail is superb and your workmanship is exquisite!

Thank you so very, very much!"



"About Mia!!!!! She is beyond gorgeous. Cannot get enough of her. Her body and the way her arms and legs can bend is incredible. Even the weight is like a real baby!!! I must say of the other babies I already have, your babies are of outstanding art. I have already put away some money (regarding saving for my next baby) from you , although it is going to take me a couple of months (worth the wait)  I will get there. Mia is going with us on holiday in December and cannot wait to show her to my parents. My mom will also appreciate your artwork and will love baby Mia to bits!!!"



"Baba Stephenie is die mooiste dingetjie onder die son.  Sy is ook die perfekte "NewBorn".  Ons kon nie ophou vir haar kyk en vashou nie!  Sy is te pragtig en ek weet T... gaan 200% mal wees oor haar en baie gelukkig wees met haar nuwe baba.  BAIE BAIE DANKIE vir al jou moeite en die perfekte kunswerk!  My wens vir jou is tonne voorspoed en nog baie sukses met hierdie Kunswerk van jou."



"He is such a gorgeous and cuddly little boy.  He is even more cuter in “real” than on his photos. From a distance he looks so real. I love the clothes you chose for him.  The jacket and booties are just the cutest.  We are very happy with our new baby boy.  Desiré, thank you very much for such a cute baby!"



"She is just the cutest little thing!  Sadie has the sweetest little face, she looks like a little angel!  She is just the perfect size to hold and to cuddle.  You did a wonderful job with this baby!  We simply love her to bits!  Thank you for reborning such a cute little angel!  Desiré, it is a HUGE pleasure and a wonderful experience adopting reborn babies from you, and I hope to continue doing so in the future!"



"Amazing! Leilah is…perfection. She is my little sleeping beauty. Desire has put so much thought, love, care and attention into her every last detail – from the gorgeous clothes and accessories chosen for her, the beautifully printed birth certificate and the way the box is packed to the meticulously rooted hair and eyelashes and masterful painting. Her photos are beautiful, but I believe she is even more beautiful “in the flesh”. She truly is a little masterpiece and will be treasured forever. I am amazed at her realism and am very happy with how nicely her clothes fit. Receiving my custom order from Desire has been a very special experience. I am very proud to be Leilah’s new mommy and love her to bits!"


"...she LOVES baby Claire!!!  We all do!!!  I must also tell you that she is an absolute crowd puller ... No one could believe she was a doll ... the Pick ‘n Pay came to a stand still as staff and customers crowded them to get a look at Claire.  But she has certainly found a lovely home to stay in and my daughter is so proud of her !  Thank you. I’m sure that it must make you feel proud to know that your work is so admired.  Thank you so much, she really is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. "


“Wow, she is a little cutie pie. When I took her out of her box, I was amazed at how real she looks.  She is so tiny and dainty. To me she looks like a little angel.  Desiré, we are so over the moon over this little one.  She has gorgeous hair. You did a wonderful job on this sculpt. We simply love her to bits, thank you so much for our baby Angie …  She is gorgeous ... I am really chuffed with this baby, I’m sure you can tell, because I am rambling on and on about her LOL!  I am so grateful that I got to adopt her.  I am looking forward to adopting more little cutie pies from you in the future.”



“A very BIG thank you for my beautiful baby Jenna.  I wish you could have seen my face when I opened up my parcel.  Happiness seems such an ordinary adjective to describe the pure joy at seeing her for the first time.  I just love everything about her. She is my pride and joy.  Her hair is stunning, her body so soft and squishy, like a real baby, her paintwork is so perfect down to the tears glistening in the corners of her eyes. You are not just good at what you create, you are PERFECT.  You are so talented. The way you put everything together, the outfits are stunning too.   I am actually at a loss as to what to say, that hasn’t been said before. Thank you so much.  I am one happy momma !”



“Baby Jade is just too cute for words.  I love her brown eyes that seem to stare up at you when you look at her.  She has the cutest sets of clothes, I am going to enjoy dressing her.  She smells so devine, I just want to hold her and smell her all the time.  Desiré, you could not have reborned a cuter Jade.  Thank you for her, we love her to bits.”


"Baby Monique is home safe and sound.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I love the clothes you gave her. The jacket and booties are too cute.  She has a gorgeous head of hair. I love her photos as well. She was well worth the wait.  Thank you for reborning such an angry but beautiful baby girl.  I love my Easter baby very much!"



"Sy is hier! Arissa is by die huis! en sy is so onbeskryflik mooi. Beter as wat ek ooit kon droom!!!! het jy vir my gegee. Weer eens baie dankie uit die diepte van my hart."


"Exquisite in EVERY way!  Baby Lainey is not just another doll but truly an heirloom quality collectible to be proud of.  Hugs Baby Lainey & her new mommy."


"Oh Desiré, wow, he is such a gorgeous baby boy.  I am sooo in love with this baby at the moment(LOL).  I simply love the hair colour, and his hair is so soft.  I love the fact that he has full length legs.  He has big gorgeous brown eyes.  I love his clothes and the cute green booties.  Thanks for the cute toy with the photo in it, that was a very nice surprise. His photos came out stunning. The belly plate came out fantastic.  I already have a nickname for him,” Mommy’s big boy”.  I love this baby to bits, thank you for reborning him for me."

"When I opened his box, the first thing I saw was his cute little face, and I actually took a step back because he looked so real to me.  I called my mother-in-law to come and have a look, and she also got a fright, because he looked like a real baby lying in the box.  He really is cute, and I love him to bits.  I love his little mouth, and he also has a poseable body.  I put him on my bed, and he looks like a real baby that is sleeping ... you have done a perfect job on him.  Thank you so much Desiré for reborning cute little Dylan."



"Wow, she is such a beautiful baby.  She has the most gorgeous big blueish grey eyes.  I am very impressed by her.  She looks like a real little princess. The name Michaela suits her perfectly. She has the cutest sets of clothes, and her toy is so cute.  Her photos are absolutely gorgeous, I love them.  You have really outdone yourself with this baby.  I am very lucky to have adopted her.  She is my little princess, and I will treasure her forever.  Thank you so much for her, Desiré."



"She is absolutely gorgeous.  She looks like a little angel sent from heaven. She looks so peaceful.  Her hair, her clothes, her dummy,  her cute puppy toy, everything about her is stunning.  Thank you so much for reborning her ..."



"I knew I would be getting Courtney today, so I was rather excited. Well my baby has arrived and I am absolutely over the moon with my baby. Desire I can see that you LOVE what you do and you do what you LOVE."



"Baby Tyler has arrived safely.  He is just so gorgeous!  He is so huggable that I just cannot stop giving him hugs.  I love everything about him, especially his eyes, they are so cute.  When I hold him, he almost feels like a real baby.  I love the way that a person can pose him, he lies just like a real baby. The photos that you took of Tyler are absolutely stunning. You did a very good job with this baby, actually with all the babies that I have adopted from you.  We are so happy with him.  Thank you so much for reborning such a cute little boy!"



"Desiré, he is even cuter than I thought he was. He has such a cute kissable mouth.  His blue eye colour suits him very well.  I love the clothes that he has.  Thank you for choosing such cute clothes for him.  We are going to enjoy him very much ... I am happy to say that I am not sad anymore about the other Aiden that I did not get.  We are very happy with this Aiden."



When I saw this kit (Benjamin) I knew I had to have him. Well Desire I am so glad that I asked you to reborn him. You have done such a perfect job. I love Séan to bits, he is so much fun to dress. I am also blown away with his full belly plate, it makes dressing Séan fun. Séan can now sit with his shirt open/unbuttoned.



 "Well this baby was definitely a surprise baby as I don’t know this particular kit, but once I saw her I fell in love with her straight away. I suppose it was the deep blue eyes. Thank you for all the lovely clothes I got with Lisa. Keep on reborning…….."



 " ‘Riley’ is a favourite of mine, love your work. I love dressing her as she’s nice and chubby. It is so exciting to go to the post office knowing I’ll be getting/opening one of your babies. Opening your box is very exciting because the smell that comes from that box is out of this world, you know that your baby has arrived."



 "I am absolutely over the moon with my baby ‘Bliss’. She’s got such a happy and peaceful little face. Desire I love the way you reborned her. I am sure that Shawna Clymer will be very proud of you. Thank you for my baby fairy."



"Ariane looks like an angel.  She has the cutest face and mouth.  We are so happy with her.  Out of all my reborn babies, she looks the most real ... Thank you so, so much for Ariane, we adore her."



"Wow, Baby Abby is just the cutest little thing.  Thank you so much for reborning such a Cutie pie!  She looks so real, and she is so tiny.  My husband cannot believe how real she looks, she looks just like a newborn.  She is now the little baby sister to Chelsea and Conner.  Thanks again Desiré for such a beautiful baby girl ... I feel so happy about Abby that it feels like Christmas to me today.  She has really crept into our hearts."



" is nog mooier in lewende lywe ... Ek kan nie meer dankbaar en tevrede wees nie, jou werk is uitstekend ..."

":D I am the proud mommy of baby Samantha, I must complement Desire with the great work she is doing, everybody I know is just in awe about my new little girl, they can't believe that she is not real, I feel very proud to visit the web-site and see her picture and know that I am her mommy,
Keep up the GREAT work Desire!!! "



"I am so happy and lucky because I received Baby Conner today instead of Monday.  Thank you so much for him.  He is gorgeous.  He really is a Cutie-pie.  Closer than this to a real baby you cannot get. We love him and Chelsea to bits.  My children just want to hold them all the time."uot;uot;uot;



"Asher (Aiden) is an adorable and true to life baby boy!  Excellent reborning and outstanding service. It is such a pleasure adopting a "baby" from DesignaBabies. Many thanks."



"It has been about a month since we have received baby Emma as we bought her for our daughter who loves and adores her baby Emma.

 It is just incredible to see the effort and detail that has gone into baby Emma.  One can only be in awe of her excellence and must be reminded constantly that she is not a little human being.

 Thank you so much for a beautiful little “angel” and giving our daughter the privilege to have such a fabulously made “dolly”, one which we know will be with her for a very long time.  Thank you"



"Just received my fairy ‘Cherish’. I just love her cute little face, she is absolutely sweet. I also love the way her hair is done. She is soooo PERFECTLY REBORNED. Cherish is now sitting on my dressing table. Thankyou for my fairy. You have such great talent you should be selling your babies on e-bay as your babies are of a high standard."



"What a surprise when I got my reborn baby ‘Tessa’. I found her to be very cuddly and adorable. You have done a great job in reborning her, can’t wait to see your other babies for adoption."



"...thank you so much for a beautiful baby Chelsea, I have just received her.  I actually have tears in my eyes because she looks so real.  She is perfect.  I can't wait to show my friends and family how she looks.  You really have a talent and I am definitely adopting another baby by you.  Can't wait for your next baby.  Once again, thank you so much."



"Well I was absolutely excited when ‘Brian’ by Sebilla Bos arrived. I am a Sebilla Bos fan by far. Now ‘Brian’ will be joining his sister ‘Simone’. Together they look absolutely cute. Thank you again for a ‘job’ well done."



"Thank you so much for baby ‘Caroline’. Friends and family can’t believe that she is actually a doll, she looks so life-like. I just love everything about her. She is PERFECT. Look forward to my other babies."



"A... se dit is te moeilik om te besktyf hoe sy oor haar nuwe babatjie voel… Sy is in die wolke. A... gaan nerens sonder haar nuwe kind nie. Jessica het ook groot aftrek geneem by haar maatjies en haar juffrou wou sommer vir Jessica aanneem. A... is opreg bly  oor Jessica en ons het haar met ope arms in ons gesin ingeneem. Baie dankie vir jou moeite en die fyn detail wat jy ingesit het met Jessica."



" Amy is exquisite, she has totally crept into my heart. She is so cuddly, I just want to hold her all the time. Thank you so much."



"Wow! Desire my 'Sanne' is soooo perfect. Not only does 'Sanne' look like a real baby but she also feels like a real baby. Looking forward in buying more babies from you. Keep reborning."



"Oh!! Desire, I can’t thank you enough for my beautiful baby girl.
I love Stephanie to bits, I can’t stop looking at her. She is just so perfect!!  As a fellow reborner I now understand how our new mommies feel when they receive their special baby. The joy, amazement and the excitement is beyond words!! Once again a BIG THANK YOU for my precious little Girl!! I will treasure her for always!!"



"My first little fairy baby! You have truly outdone yourself with this absolutely stunning petite fairy, beautifully packaged with all the bells and whistles associated with a high quality reborn. Thank you soooo much!!!"


"I am blown away with baby 'Ryan'. My family and friends are amazed in how real he looks. He is absolutely perfect in every way. Thank you for a such a life-like baby. Keep on reborning."



"I received 'Sarah' Lindsay today, must say I am blown away. My baby is absolutely cute and adorable. 'Sarah' looks much nicer than on the photographs. Desiré you have done a great job. Well done. Will definitely be supporting you in the future. Keep on reborning as you are definitely talented. Thank you for such a life-like baby."



"I've bought 3 babies from Desiré, and am thrilled to bits.  Thanks for a beautiful artwork."



"Baby Liam is my fourth baby from DesignaBabies, and I am at a total loss for words to describe his realism ... you have managed to capture the essence of a newborn baby in little Liam.  I am so proud to call him mine. Your babies have become the standard to which I measure all my reborns - quality products, perfectly opened little nostrils (the best I have come across), weighted so realistically, attention to the smallest detail, and the list just goes on and on ... Truly remarkable reborning!"



"Well done! You have honestly done it again. Elizabeth is precious and perfect, and I am proud of my pigeon pair (Tristan & Elizabeth). Thank you for EXQUISITE additional pieces of clothing."



"Thank you so much for the love and dedication with which you created Megan. At 60 she has made up for that one special doll I never received as a child. (Parents were practical, post-war years, inherited re-cycled dolls from older cousin). Whatever I missed out on then, could never have come nearly close to my beautiful, lifelike Megan. I am just so privileged and proud to have and to hold, to dress and to shop for such a precious gift. Desiré, I will care for Megan with that same measure of love with which you created her and put together the whole package."



"When I met Tristan, I touched his forehead three times, and refused to believe it was not a real baby.  I was so overwhelmed by this little artwork that I burst into tears.  In my mind he belonged here, with me.  Desiré has a special skill and I will be collecting a sister for Tristan in the near future.  Thank you. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, for sure.  Tristan's mom."



"Wow!  Nothing less than perfection.  Amazing detail.  An unbelievably realistic tiny baby boy!  I'm thrilled to bits.  Great seller and artist!  Thank you so much."

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