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**DesignaBabies Reborn Babies are not play dolls, and therefore,  not suitable for children - they do not conform to the safety standards that are recommended for children’s toys due to the use of strong earth magnets, tiny glass beads, and fragile mohair

(excessive brushing/combing, pulling on/off of baby hats, may cause hair breakage and hair loss)**



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Baby Riley

"Yentl" sculpt by Danielle Zweers

Size 3-6 Months - 56cm/21-22"

** Baby Riley has been Adopted **

Baby Fay

"Fay" sculpt by Danielle Zweers

Size 3-6 Months - 56cm/21-22"

** Baby Fay has been Adopted **

Baby Zoe

"Cozy" sculpt by Linda K. Smith

Size 0-3 Months - 51cm/20"

** Baby Zoe has been Adopted **

Baby Molly

"Noah" sculpt by Jessica Schenk

Size Premature/Newborn - 43cm/17"

Limited Edition of 500 Worldwide

** Baby Molly has been Adopted **

Baby Connolly

"Connolly" sculpt by Andrea Arcello

Size 3-6 Months - 53cm/21"

Limited Edition of 700 Worldwide

** Baby Connolly has been Adopted **

Baby Liling

"Liling" sculpt by Ping Lau

Size 0-3 Months - 50cm/20"

Limited Edition of 600 Worldwide

** Baby Liling has been Adopted **

Baby Olivia

"Olive" sculpt by Denise Pratt

Size NewBorn - 48cm/18-19"

** Baby Olivia has been Adopted **


"Wee Patience" sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles

Size Tiny Baby - 23cm/9"

** Baby Kai has been Adopted **





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