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Welcome to my website.  My name is Desiré, and my love for reborning seemed a natural progression from painting on canvas for over twenty years and my love for babies.  The culmination of these two passions has lead to my exploring the art of reborning since May 2007.  I apply myself wholeheartedly into creating an exclusive and realistic reborn infant.  Each new precious bundle is uniquely created with his/her own individual, life-like characteristics.  You can feel confident that I spare no expense, dedication and time in ensuring that each baby is created to the highest quality.  I take great pride in my work and constantly strive to improve on quality and develop new techniques.


If you are interested in adopting any of my available babies, please Contact Me for details.




Reborn Process



The reborning process of painting on vinyl/silicone is very similar to painting on canvas - by painting on several translucent layers on a clean, blank canvas or vinyl/silicone.  Through this process, I strive to achieve the most realistic, life-like baby skin tones possible to produce an Original Artist Reborn Baby (OARB).  Furthermore, I also aim to achieve a result that is completely durable to ensure that the reborn baby retains this quality for a lifetime.  Genesis Heat Set Paints ensures a completely fade-proof and colourfast result.  In contrast to oil paints, which can take weeks to dry, Genesis Heat Set Paints can be carefully heat set into the vinyl/silicone between layers.  This process facilitates the creation of a true 'living skin' with fine detailing, such as subtle veining beneath the skin and mottling, without being forced to wait weeks for each layer to dry.  Finger and toe nails are detailed in the same way and sealed with a delicate satin sheen.  To enhance the appearance of realism, I may apply a glossy sheen around the eyes, nose and mouth for a moist appearance.



Micro-rooting the hair involves the insertion of no more than one or two hairs into the scalp in a natural hair growth pattern by using the very finest needles designed for this purpose, and premium angora mohair.  The hair is then waterproof-sealed inside the head to prevent shedding and allow for occasional gentle washing and brushing.  In the same way, sleeping babies' eyelashes are also rooted and sealed inside the head.  Open-eyed babies usually have delicate eyelashes glued on, but the application of these eyelashes on open-eyed babies remains an option which differs from my choice of sculpt and the look I wish to achieve.  Nostrils are usually also carefully opened, smoothed, and backed with dark felt to give added depth and realism to the reborn baby.  In addition, magnets may be glued inside the head to accommodate a magnetised pacifier and/or hair accessory.  For this reason, it is important to use caution and avoid handling the reborn baby around people with pacemakers, computers, credit cards, and other electronic equipment.



My reborn babies are assembled by using the finest quality cloth/flannel/doe suede body - often custom designed for the particular reborn baby by the sculpt artist.  A variety of fillings may be used to add the perfect balance and weight to create the ultimate cuddly feel of a real-life baby.  However, I NEVER use sand for this purpose.  My fillings usually comprise genuine siliconised polyester/PolyPuff fibre, fine glass beads and/or poly-pellets for weighting the head, body and vinyl parts.  The glass beads are contained within secure calico bags inside the head and body.  For this reason, the reborn baby's head needs to be supported exactly like that of a real baby.


Finally, the reborn baby has a neat hair trim and is dressed in an adorable outfit chosen to complement his/her "personality" and match his/her size.


Due to the use of small magnets and fine glass beads, reborns are not suitable as a child's toy, but are collectors' items to be cherished for generations to come.




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