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(A few Frequently Asked Questions which may be helpful)


How do I go about ordering a reborn baby?

**Unfortunately, I no longer accept orders for reborn babies**

New reborn babies are ONLY released for adoption on the Available Babies web page. Please subscribe to the Newsletter on the Available Babies page to be notified of New Arrivals.


Are these reborn babies suitable for my child to play with?

DesignaBabies Reborn Babies are not play dolls, and therefore, not suitable for children - they do not conform to the safety standards that are recommended for children’s toys due to the use of strong earth magnets, tiny glass beads, and fragile mohair

(excessive brushing/combing, pulling on/off of baby hats, may cause hair breakage and hair loss).


Do you re-root reborn babies?

Re-rooting will only be done on DesignaBabies Reborn Babies at a cost of between R2 500.00 for smaller reborns and R5 000.00 for toddler size babies.   No work will be considered on reborn babies reborned by other artists.  DesignaBabies Reborn Babies may be rooted with premium quality mohair or human hair, which is triple sealed with waterproof glue. No responsibility will be accepted for hair loss on your reborn baby doll.


Do you 'fix' reborn babies, do 'make-overs', or changes, on reborn babies?

I only consider reborn work on DesignaBabies Reborn Babies. Costs depend on individual requirements.  No work will be considered on reborn babies reborned by other artists.


Could you send me a brochure or list of available babies?

Due to the time-consuming nature of the reborn process, I am unable to offer a list of available babies.  ALL available babies will be released on the Available Babies page of the website only.  Available reborn babies are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please subscribe to the Mailing List to be notified when a new baby becomes available for adoption.


What is the average cost of a reborn baby, or can you provide a pricelist?

Adoption fees will vary - usually between R4 450.00 and R6 950.00 for babies up to 3-6 Months, and from R6 950.00+ for larger/Toddler-sized babies.

Adoption fees exclude shipping & handling fees.

Please contact me for pricing on each individual reborn baby released on the Available Babies page of the website.


Is it possible to reborn me a baby from a photograph?

I do not reborn replica or look-alike babies from a photograph.

You may wish to Google Search, i.e. 'Reborn Babies' to locate other reborn artists who may be willing to help you in this regard.  Unfortunately, I don't have this information.


Could you provide me with a physical address where I can view your reborn babies?

Unfortunately, I have no reborn babies available for personal viewing. All available babies are released on the DesignaBabies website as soon as they're ready for adoption.


Do you offer a Payment Plan?

I'm willing to consider a two-part (50/50) Lay-Away Payment Plan.  However, buyers who do not require Layaway, will have FIRST OPTION to purchase.  Please contact me for details.


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